How to write a resume

In this section, we will explain you how to write a resume.

Life is a race and each person you meet is your competitor. Millions of job seekers are applying for the same dream job that you are looking for. We tell you how to stand unique in this competition and get your dream job. Below are various scenarios of job seekers:

  • Resume for students
  • Job seekers with no experience
  • Job seekers with employment gaps
  • Resume for experienced job seekers

If you don’t want to read out all these details, we recommend you to use our resume builder. Our resume builder has all the tools that will get you your perfect resume. Our tool will suggest you right and wrong things in your resume.
Below are few benchmarks one should follow while writing a resume.
1 . Choose a resume format which suits your profession.
2 . Start with your name and job profile in heading section.
3 . Include your contact details like contact number and email in the resume
4 . List down your skills and expertise that fits the job
5 . Don’t include any irrelevant information and a photograph unless you are an actor
6 . Mention your education correctly
7 . List all your achievements
8 . Write a professional cover letter for your resume